Welcome to Paideia! I am delighted that you are taking the time to learn about Paideia Preparatory Academy. I conceived the idea of Paideia Preparatory Academy from a place that runs deeper than just having a love for children. I believe that the profession of early childhood care and learning requires and demands competent professionals. The stakes are high for today's children, and a solid foundation starts with high quality child care programs. As the Founder and Executive Director, I understand the importance of intentional teaching and sustainable learning. At Paideia, our learning environment is rich in developmentally appropriate practices, values the importance of high quality play experiences  and is supported by measurable resources. 


I look forward to having your family join Paideia. My promise to you and your child is a first class curated learning experience that is tailored to their progressive and holistic growth and development. 

Educationally Yours,

Angela J. Jones, B.A.; M.A.Ed.

Founder & Executive Director 

Welcome from the Executive Director