Meet Chef  Quan Anderson 

Our nutrition planning is carefully crafted to ensure not only quality, but to remain committed to meals that are of interest to our students. The academy offers a high quality nutrition preparation for preschoolers.

Because we value nutrition equally important as we value our curriculum, Paideia decided to add a valuable member to our team, Executive Chef Quan Anderson. Chef Anderson serves in the capacity of a consulting chef to the academy's practitioner. The academy's  partnership with Chef Anderson is a collaborative effort to plan, review, sample and serve USDA  culinary and dietary meals so that all Paideia students can experience a high quality dinning experience that 

-Provides them with healthy, balanced meals

-Teaches them life-long healthy eating habits 

-Educates them on food groups [and that]

-Introduces them to an appreciation for gardening and sustainability 

Our menus are uniquely crafted and presented to students with a "white glove" experience. Children eat with their eyes, therefore at Paideia, we believe in food presentation and culinary styling. 

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